Introduction to Big Mind with Genpo Roshi

Zen Master Genpo RoshiSince Genpo Roshi developed the Big Mind process over 25 years ago it has proven to be an amazingly effective tool to help Zen students have actual personal experiences of the profound truths of Zen Buddhism. At the same time it is very useful for clearing away shadows, knots and barriers to awakening.

You can learn about how Big Mind works and begin to use it on yourself to further your own awakening.

On Saturday August 3rd, Genpo Roshi will offer a 2.5 hour class introducing the Big Mind process to you. You will see how it works, watch it being done by Genpo Roshi and come away with some basic skills so that you can begin using this ground breaking method to advance your own Zen practice in a way that is fun, easy and deeply life changing.

Join us for this class and see for yourself. Click the link below to sign up.

Introduction to Big Mind

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